Top 50 features


Ease of use

1-Click Dashboarding

Simply type in a keyword to create a complete dashboard to monitor and track everything about a new topic or trend, from news to Twitter, visual identity and more.

Drag-and-Follow Conversations

Just drag a Twitter or LinkedIn username or keyword to start following it in a new app.

Drag. Drop. Done!

Our award-winning interface lets you build your perfect dashboard by adding new content and tools, moving everything around, and customizing layouts—it’s as easy as drag and drop!


200k+ apps

Dig into our built-in library of nearly 200k apps and feeds to find the best media sources and work tools for your dashboard.

6k+ themes

Customize the look and feel of your dashboard by choosing from more than 6,000 unique themes.


Netvibes Universal Web App (UWA) makes it easy to integrate virtually any work tool or enterprise system directly onto your dashboard—from email to CRM, databases and more.


2-in-1 Smart Reader

Read all your feeds using our real-time Reader view or access all your apps and analytics in our magazine-like Widget view—finally, a way to do monitoring AND analysis side-by-side!

Gorgeous Feeds

From stock tickers to slide shows and magazine-like layouts, RSS feeds have never looked this good—also a great way to present live media reports to clients.

Unlimited Dashboards

Create as many dashboards and tabs as you want, with just one single account—make one to track your brand, another to follow your competitors, client reporting, product microsites—the possibilities are endless.

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Smarter Social Analytics

Human + Computer Algorithms

Netvibes is the only system that combines human knowledge & expertise with natural language algorithms to deliver smarter, more relevant results every time.


Self-organize and share expert opinions, comments and sentiment in real-time, even when you’re on the go.


Sort through all your feeds and SmartTags to spot trends and influencers inside and outside your organization in real-time.

More Relevant Results

Complete Answers

Only Netvibes provides complete analytic results that provide in-depth answers that cover the 5 axes of Who, What, Where, When and How.

Natural Language Interface

No need to learn how to perform complex queries—our natural language interface makes analytics as easy as pick and click.

Adaptive Analytics

Follow your natural work flow by analyzing new trends, ideas and influencers the moment they are discovered — without having to run new reports from scratch.

Persistent Watch

Unlimited SmartAlerts

Even when you’re away, your dashboard can monitor an unlimited number of key trends, topics and even community sentiments and alert you the moment your attention is needed.

Customized Watches

Choose between 8 alert types and set highly customized alert criteria, to be forewarned about variations in monitored trends and sentiments that matter to you.

Alert Journal

Track all your current alerts, what’s being watched and when it’s triggered.

Trigger Actions

Get alerted directly via e-mail or Twitter, or even automatically invoke an URL when a condition is met (ie. to update campaign, run a report or trigger an app).

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For Teams

Dashboard Publishing

Push Publishing

Publishers can push new content, themes, apps and updates directly to users in real-time, and users are empowered to pick and choose which updates they want to accept.

User Management

Easily control user permissions and access levels for managers, clients and team members through the NPD Management Console.

Mobile Publishing

Publish new content directly from your mobile device and push updates from wherever you are.

Dashboard Statistics

Monitor your dashboard traffic, learn who’s visiting and more with our built-in statistics.

Tab Locking

Protect your content by preventing users from modifying or moving things around without your permission.

Tab publishing

Easily share tabs with your users and push all apps on a single page directly to their dashboards.

Custom DNS

If you want, you can serve your whole dashboard from your own (sub)domain.


Integrate the dashboard directly within your existing website, with our iframe option.

Custom App Category

Easily share a predefined list of approved apps to control exactly which apps your users can add to their dashboard.

Access Control

Private Dashboards

Restrict access so that only authorized users can access the dashboards (private dashboards) or make them publicly accessible (public dashboards).

User Permissions

Control exactly who gets read-only access to your dashboard by managing user access level permissions.

Guest Passes

Easily share dashboards to selected users by granting authorization on-the-fly.

Community Building

Public Portals

Create a public dashboard for your product, your brand, classroom or a special event.

Instant User Notification

Notify your users as soon as new information or data is available and push live updates to them in real-time.

Browser SmartTagging

Tag articles, collect comments and record user sentiment while surfing the Web with our SmartTagging bookmarklet.

Mobile SmartTagging

Access your Dashboard from your mobile device, SmartTag anything you read on the road, and stay in sync with your team wherever you are.

Custom Branding

Customize your dashboard to match your brand, organization or event.


Automated Reports

Generate a digest of content you want to share, either with the members of your organization, clients or mailing-list subscribers.

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For Enterprise

Enterprise Ready

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Log in to your Netvibes account and access all your dashboards seamlessly without having to log in a second time.


Define access rights for users and groups through an Access Control List—filter users, add rules, customize privileges to your dashboards.

Custom APIs

Use your custom API keys to interact with all major services: Google Ajax Search, Google Maps, Twitter & LinkedIn oAuth, Facebook Connect, etc.

Security Management

Enterprise and government level firewall management and complex security protection.

Custom Feature and App Development

Need anything else? We can develop custom apps & features to meet any unique need.

Dedicated instances

SaaS (Software as a Service)

No installation or configuration required, no hardware to buy—perfect for organizations that prefer turn-key, off-the-shelf solutions.


Create an unlimited number of dashboards and host or manage your own instance of Netvibes—perfect for global organizations who want complete control and customization.

Universal Web Apps

Code Once, Run Everywhere

Apps built on our UWA (Universal Web App) standard can be instantly recompiled to run on virtually all platforms: Apple Dashboard, Vista Gadget, Adobe Air, OpenSocial, WebApp, Android, etc.

Private App Server

Create your own dedicated Netvibes ecosystem (app store) featuring: SAML authentication, advanced proxy, Payment, Custom Authentication.

Custom Distribution

Retail Ready

It works out of the box. Choose your method of delivery: on-site installation or via SSH connection, virtual machine (VMWare or Virtualbox).

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