Netvibes is Dashboard Intelligence

Business Intelligence evolved for the real-time web


To Everything. In real-time. Social Media, Web Apps, News & Blogs, Enterprise & CRM Systems.


From Everyone. SmartTags, SmartFilters, and Curation tools uncover trends and support real-time knowledge sharing.


In Real-Time. With automated reports, alerts, and other tools delivering key data faster for better decisions.

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Go beyond Monitoring and Analytics. Gain deeper insight and understanding for everything that matters to your brand or business in real-time. This is Dashboard Intelligence: Listen better, Learn more, Act faster. It's all possible with Netvibes Premium.

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To Everything

It's time to go beyond monitoring, searching and surfing. Netvibes lets you track everything that matters to you, your brand or your business - all in one dashboard, all in real-time. Access all your social media and online apps, read all your news and blog feeds, manage your enterprise work tools and much more. Now you can save time and master your real-time workflow.

Apps for All Solutions

Netvibes offers the world’s largest Web app library, and custom development on our UWA platform. Connect all your enterprise feeds, CRM & analytics apps, and more through your dashboard.

Push Publishing

Propagate live content to teams or clients through your dashboard in custom tabs, Web apps, automated alerts, and emails. (Netvibes Premium for Teams)

Any Screen, Any Platform

At the office, or on the go, Netvibes Dashboards are optimized for all platforms and devices, including iPhones and iPads, and sync offline.

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From Everyone

Netvibes Dashboard tools empower your internal experts to self-organize everything from both the Web and internal systems – and filter real meaning out of today’s flow of “too much information”. This helps decision makers uncover real-time trends, best ideas and hidden experts across the organization.


Activate your internal experts. SmartTag all your content with custom sentiments, keywords, and much more. (Netvibes Premium & Team)

Adaptive Analytics

Dynamic analytics let you drill down infinitely to support your natural thought process, from idea to idea, influencer to influencer. (Netvibes Premium & Team)

Content Curation

Team members and clients can continually add new sources and share thoughts, ensuring your corpus and dashboard gets smarter every day. (Netvibes Premium & Team)

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In Real-Time

By helping your organization Listen and Learn more efficiently, Netvibes Premium ultimately enables your organization to make better decisions and act sooner. First, go beyond trend graphs to understand Who, What, Where, When and How. Then learn about more related ideas or influencers you uncover - dynamically, without having to run another report. Finally, set real-time alerts and automated action to put your brand, business process or campaign on autopilot.

Real-Time Analysis

SmartTagging, SmartFilters, your Internal Experts and Data provide a real-time data stream from your dashboard to your leadership. (Netvibes Premium & Team)

Real-Time Alerts

Unlimited. In number. In power. Every user can create as many alerts he needs. Every alert can track any change. Your Dashboard is under alarm. (Netvibes Premium & Team)

Automated Actions

Automate daily newsletters with the popular or controversial articles and SmartTags, trend analytics, or trigger actions to other enterprise systems. (Netvibes Premium & Team)

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