Data headache? Meet MisoData.

Where Excel and Big Data end, MisoData begins. Charts all your reports, all in one dashboard. Watch it update automatically. Compare internal data with market trends. Share it with your team or put it in your pocket.

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Add Data. Not IT.

Unlike complex data viz software, you can do this yourself. Chart any Excel or CSV report in seconds. Get forecasts, averages and more. (Just don’t tell IT.)

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Grow. Automatically.

No need to ask Bob for the latest report. Everything is updated automatically. Last week’s estimates are replaced by this week’s official results.

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ROI. On everything.

Drag-and-compare anything to anything, even live social trends. Correlate sales to social mentions to understand social ROI. Go from insights zero to insights hero.

Not just another pretty chart.

MisoData is a new feature included in Netvibes for Agencies, Enterprise and Individuals. Which means you always get:

  • 100% customizable social analytics
  • Real-time alerts and automated reports
  • Access from your iPad, iPhone, Android device
  • 260,000+ built-in apps and newsfeeds
  • Award-winning feed reader and intuitive interface

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