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“I want to watch my Client’s reputation, but it’s tricky. Plus, I often get irrelevant or poor results from the analytics I use.”

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Monitor and analyze everything on a single platform with Netvibes. Now you can eliminate noise and get smarter, more relevant results by combining powerful adaptive analytics with expert human curation. And unlike “black box” analytics, our Open Corpus keeps you in complete control, while our award-winning SmartReader makes it easy to monitor hundreds of sources in real-time.

“I want to collect and share Agency and Client opinions on what is said about our Client. And I want to read everything my Client has an opinion on.”

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With SmartTags you can share opinions both ways in real-time. Use it to set up a permanent and ubiquitous exchange between your Agency and your Clients, wherever you are, whatever you do. Since Netvibes dashboards are continuously updated live, you can be sure your Client know what’s going on at all times, without the need for manual reporting.

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“We spend too much time creating and updating reports, which are often outdated by the time they’re read. I wish I had different views for our C-level, our team and our clients.“

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Reporting is a common area for inefficiency, for both the Agency and Client. It’s time consuming to gather data from many disparate, inaccurate and not up-to-date sources. Netvibes Dashboards are the alternative: interactive, up-to-date, “living” reports that can be easily personalized by the Client. You create and curate the baseline, then let them choose what they want to monitor.

“I’m looking for a simple way to promote and engage on everything about an event or a product for our Client. And, please, no IT involved!”

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Gather everything about an event or product in a single public portal and watch your community engage. It’s as easy as drag & drop. No IT or development required. Share expertise and give your audience a personalized, real-time knowledge center. Everything’s included (hosting, bandwidth, updates) for a flat price with zero surprises.

Benefit for your Agency

Social Dashboard Analytics

  • Better sources, smarter results: Your Team, Agency and Client pick the best sources, guaranteeing the best corpus quality.
  • Learn from inside and outside: Agency and Client curation and adaptive analytics help you understand everything that’s happening to the Client’s brand.
  • Peace of mind: Put your brand or campaign on autopilot. Agency and Client can set as many alerts as needed to get alerted to whatever important happens and make real-time decisions.

Dashboard Intelligence

  • A real-time Agency-Client exchange: Opinions about what is said are sharing both ways, real-time. Communication with your Client has never been so fluid, efficient or pertinent.
  • A ubiquitous Agency-Client exchange: Whatever you do, wherever you are, share your opinions about everything you witness about your Client’s brand.
  • A value-added Agency-Client exchange: SmartTagging and live dashboard reports are a highly visible value add. You can add your logo and theme to represent your Agency for an efficient and easy way to strengthen relationships.
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Dashboard your reports

  • Live reports: Transform painful flat reporting into always up-to-date live reporting.
  • Better budget use: Your staff is now focused on doing their “real” work for the Client, instead of working on yet another report.
  • Showcase your work: Your client will share your Dashboard internally, which means more people get to see and value your service. Full permission controls let you decide who sees what.

Dashboard Your Event or Product

  • Community Engagement: Instantly create community portals filled with everything about your event or product. Engage users by letting them personalize their portal to perfectly match their interests.
  • 0% IT, 100% marketing: Get started without having to involve your IT department. Our award-winning, drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to design and deploy dashboards entirely based on your marketing talent.
  • Everything’s included: One Dashboard. One flat price. Zero surprises. We hope you’ll go crazy on unlimited number of users, visits, apps, sources and searches. Bandwidth, updates and hosting – everything is included.
Try Netvibes Premium for free and see it for yourself Live Demo
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