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Do these kinds of challenges apply to you?

“I spend most of my time chasing after data and collecting them in reports for clients or management.”

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Reporting can be very time-consuming, especially to gather data from many disparate sources. Sometimes, it’s no longer accurate or up-to-date by the time they see it. With Netvibes, you can use real-time dashboards as “live reports” that automatically update themselves 24/7, saving you time and energy.

“I want my services to be accessible anywhere, anytime. But I don’t want to invest in new development for every new device.”

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With Netvibes Mobile, your dashboards are available on all your devices and fully synced in real-time, letting your organization access all your content anywhere, at anytime. Plus, Netvibes Universal Web App (UWA) technology lets you develop once and deploy on multiple platforms for easy maintenance and maximum usage.

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“I want to collect opinions and insights from colleagues and partners to help me make better, faster decisions.“

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With SmartTags, you can easily gather collective knowledge, self-organize and share everything in real-time—naturally, while reading content the way you do everyday from any browser or mobile device. With SmartFilters, you can easily spot trends inside and outside your organization. Read what clients and colleagues are reading, uncover new trends, and save on meeting time by promoting daily knowledge sharing.

“Our reputation may be at risk on the Web, yet I don’t want to rely on analytic tools that are disconnected from our own system.”

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Analyze what matters and avoid noise: Netvibes puts you in control of your data with our Open Corpus. Typical “black box” analytics use a “one library fits all” approach to analytics. With Netvibes, you can curate the most relevant sources and gather smarter results. Plus, you can set advanced alarms to watch your business systems or even your reputation.

Benefit to the Enterprise

Dashboard your Reports

  • Stay up-to-date, 24/7/365: Replace painful reporting with automatically updated “living” dashboards.
  • Save time and gain in efficiency: Your staff is now focused on doing their “real” jobs. (10 min/day for a 1,000 employee company = $1,000,000 saved per year)
  • Manage privacy: Dashboard personalization respects all privacy and management needs, including permission controls.

Dashboard Everywhere

  • Maximum ROI on efficiency: Information never stops. Neither does Netvibes. At the office, at home or on a plane. Offline reading capability and multiple device syncing.
  • Maximum ROI on development: Develop once and deploy on multiple platforms. Easy maintenance. Max usage.
  • Maximum ROI on technology: Netvibes' sole use of Web standards guarantees long term portability and compatibility.
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Dashboard Intelligence

  • Save time: Your own, private, real-time “Gallup Poll”. SmartTags are like a permanent opinion survey. Private, real-time and always on.
  • Save considerable time: Read from others. Read what matters. Based on a topic, sentiment, trend or even a person.
  • Save on meeting time: Less need to meet to collect opinions. You already have them gathered with SmartTags. Make better decisions, faster.

Social Dashboard Intelligence

  • Better sources, smarter results: Open publisher libraries and team curation guarantee the best corpus quality.
  • 360 degree understanding: Team SmartTags and adaptive analytics give you the complete picture of what’s being said inside and outside your organization.
  • Peace of mind: Put your project or brand on autopilot. Teams can set as many alarms as needed to get alerted to whatever important happens.
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