Frank monitors social and current events with his free Netvibes Dashboard

Executive Summary 

Dashboard Intelligence makes everyday life on the internet more productive and convenient for everyone. Frank is a news and social media junkie. With his free Netvibes Basic Dashboard, he is able to monitor his content and never miss a thing. 



Between social media content on Twitter and Facebook and news articles in the media, Frank does not have enough hours in the day to catch everything. As someone who always wants to be in the know and have the most updated information, Frank needed a solution. The tool needed to be able to capture everything in one place and automate actions that would otherwise be tedious to do manually.



Frank set up a free Basic Dashboard on, which allows him to monitor everything in his digital life, read news, engage on social media, and control automated actions, such as receiving weather alerts by text message.


The single Dashboard allows him to tame the internet and stay focused on the content that matters to him. He can see his email, to do list, calendar, and social media apps all on one page. Because Frank gets to choose the exact sources he wants to monitor with Netvibes’ Personal Corpus, he added his favorite news websites and blogs so he can always see new articles immediately. 


Frank’s favorite feature of the Dashboard is the customizable and ready-made Potions. These Potions put the Internet of the Things to work for Frank, automating tasks such as controlling apps and connected smart devices.


Here are the Potions that Frank uses:

Nest Thermostat

Frank uses Netvibes to program his Nest Learning Thermostat®. On weekdays during the summer, Frank’s Potion automatically raises the set temperature between 9am-5pm to save on energy costs while he’s at work. He can also program his Nest thermostat to respond to and report on current weather conditions: If the outside temperature reaches 82°F (28°C), a Potion sets the indoor temperature to 74°F (23°C) and tweets “It’s hot today!” on his Twitter account.


Rain Alert

When it’s going to rain in Frank’s city that day, a Potion automatically sends him a text message and Pushbullet notification saying “Bring an umbrella!”


Read Me!

When a new article is published on Frank’s favorite blog, this Netvibes Potion shares the link on Facebook and adds the article to Pocket so Frank can read it later.



Frank no longer feels that the internet runs his life anymore; now he is in charge. With Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence, he sees exactly what is important to him without wasting any time. Although he is getting information from more sources than ever before, Frank now uses a fraction of the time to monitor and read because Netvibes’ custom content filters ensure that he sees only the most pertinent information on his Dashboard.