Sally the Entrepreneur analyzes business metrics and social mentions with Netvibes Premium Dashboards

Executive Summary

Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence enables Sally to efficiently monitor and analyze everything happening with her small business. Sally’s custom Dashboard analyzes online brand mentions across news, forums and social channels, allowing her to keep tabs on the competition and see what customers and influencers are saying in real time. In addition, Sally has connected her internal business metrics, such as web traffic and sales data, to the Netvibes Dashboard so she can compare and analyze everything together, helping her understand how social trends impact her company’s bottom line.

As a result of using Netvibes Dashboards, Sally confidently monitors her business 24/7/365 with the knowledge that she will be alerted instantly whenever something important happens. Real-time Dashboard intelligence delivers the actionable insights that Sally needs to take advantage of market opportunities and successfully grow her business.


As an entrepreneur launching a new business, Sally found there were not enough hours in the day to track everything she wanted to monitor. In addition to running her business day-to-day, Sally also wanted to stay on top of world and industry news, keep tabs on competitors, engage with friends and business contacts on social media, and analyze her company’s growing online presence. While many tools track “vanity” social metrics, such as number of followers and retweets, Sally wanted to understand how social media was impacting her business. For example, do retweets translate into more sales?


Sally created a Premium Dashboard on to monitor and analyze everything related to her business--from news and social media to external KPIs.

Sally uses Netvibes to:

Aggregate everything together

Sally’s Dashboard collects content and data from across the internet, including news publications and social channels, as well as specific blogs and forums that are important in her industry. With Netvibes’ Personal Corpus, Sally is able to select exactly the sources she wants the Dashboard to track, delivering trustworthy results free from noise. Sally also connected her own data to the Dashboard, including external files like spreadsheets and cloud-based data such as web traffic, so she can analyze everything with a master view over her entire business.

Analyze business metrics in their social context

When her website traffic goes up, Sally wants to know, so she created a Netvibes Potion to email her when traffic increases by >10%. But that’s not all: Sally wants to understand WHY traffic went up. She theorizes that the extra time she’s been spending on Twitter is driving more visitors to the site. To test her theory, Sally goes to her Netvibes Dashboard, finds the two charts for Website Traffic and Number of Brand Mentions on Twitter, and drags them together. The Dashboard creates an instant comparison chart, showing the data trends side-by-side. Sally sees a clear, positive correlation between brand mentions and traffic: the more her brand is mentioned on Twitter, the higher her website traffic climbs. Because her social media efforts are succeeding, Sally decides to devote more resources to the initiative and hires a social media manager.

By analyzing a wide variety of social and enterprise data together, Sally can identify actionable trends to help her business succeed.

Automate decision-making based on real-time intelligence

Not only does Dashboard Intelligence help Sally to make better decisions based on data, but she can also program the Dashboard to act for her, automatically, in response to events and data triggers. In other words, Sally can automate her business logic to respond immediately when something happens, giving her a headstart on problem-solving and a first-mover advantage over the competition.

Here are just a few of Sally’s favorite Potions. All Potions are fully customizable:

Data trends

When negative brand mentions on social media trend upwards for five days in a row, this Potion sends Sally a text message and emails her social media manager.


Blog syndication

When Sally’s company publishes a new blog post, this Potion automatically shares the link on the company’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages--all at once.


Social engagement

Sally customizes Potions to respond automatically to certain messages on social media, allowing her to stay continually engaged with audiences online and grow her brand presence. For example, when someone on Twitter tweets @Sally’sCompany and includes keywords like “need help,” Sally’s Potion automatically tweets back “Sorry you’re having trouble. Please visit our support page for help” plus the link. 

Milestone forecasting

Sally can watch key milestones from the Dashboard, helping her to predict trends and plan for contingencies. For example, when the Dashboard forecasts that the company will exceed its monthly sales goal tomorrow, this Potion sends her an email alert.


As a Premium user, Sally has access to the full suite of professional features on Netvibes, including Premium-only tools such as:


Visualize data with customizable charts and graphs.


Experiment and learn from all your data. Sally imports external files and connects third-party datasets to the Dashboard so she can compare and analyze everything together.


Compare any two datasets by dragging-and-dropping them together. Netvibes instantly creates a comparison chart so Sally can identify trends and correlations in the data.

Trend-Tracing Triggers

Create Potions based on historical data and predictive analytics. Go beyond what just happened; automate business actions based on what is currently happening or what is forecast to happen in the future.


Sally can add custom labels or "Opinions" to articles and other content on the dashboard. Articles marked with an Opinion can be analyzed separately or acted upon using Potions. For example, Sally can add the Opinion "blog" to articles she wants to use later as inspiration for the company blog. 


Thanks to Netvibes AutoSave, Sally can store her analytics and business history, without limit, for as long as she wants. She can compare today’s data with last month or last year. Even if an article or tweet is later deleted, Netvibes retains the content so she can see exactly what was said.


Sally’s Netvibes Premium Dashboard helps her save time while staying continuously informed about all matters impacting her business, from across the social internet and within her own company metrics. As a result, Sally is able to focus her efforts where she will have the biggest impact and make better decisions for her company, driven by real-time Dashboard Intelligence.