James the Blogger tracks news topics and engages social followers with his Netvibes VIP Dashboard

Executive Summary

James, who writes a gaming blog, uses Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence to monitor specific topics and stay engaged with the online gaming community. James’s dashboard organizes his digital life all in one view, monitoring social media and automatically tracking news topics and favorite blogs for creative writing inspiration. Automated Potions keep James constantly informed about breaking news in the blogosphere and enable him to stay engaged 24/7/365 with his followers.


As a gaming blogger, James tries to continually stay ahead of the latest industry news so he can keep his readers informed. He also wanted a way to promote his blog and stay efficiently engaged with the gamer community online, while at the same time spending less time monitoring various forums and social media channels.


James signed up for a VIP Dashboard on netvibes.com to track and manage everything related to his blog. Using the Netvibes Personal Corpus, James was able to select the exact sources he wants to read and monitor, including his favorite websites, gaming forums, social media platforms, apps and more. Each morning when James visits his Netvibes Dashboard, he gets an instant view of all the most important things happening in the gaming industry and his online communities.

As a VIP user for just $2/month, James gets access to all the Basic Dashboard features, plus unique VIP-only features, including:

Universal Search

With Netvibes’ Universal Search bar, James can search for content on his Dashboard or across the internet, making it easy to find exactly what he’s looking for. He can search by Facets, such as names, locations, languages and more. For example, James can instantly find just the articles that include images of a new video game.

Tracked Topics

James stays informed about important subjects by creating Tracked Topics on the Dashboard. James can search for a topic once (e.g., “Grand Theft Auto”) and save it as a Tracked Topic, and the Dashboard automatically collects all articles related to that topic going forward.

Exportable RSS

James can export content feeds from the dashboard as a personal RSS feed. For example, James can curate his own top reading list and share the output as an RSS feed with his followers.

Priority 1-Day Support

As a VIP user, if James ever has a question or problem with his dashboard, he can contact Netvibes and get help within 24 hours.

Unlimited Potions

With VIP, James can create any number of Potions to automate as many alerts and actions as he likes, without limit.


Here are just a few of James’s favorite Potions. All Potions are fully customizable:

Blog syndication

When James publishes a new post on his gaming blog, this Potion automatically shares the blog link on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit and LinkedIn--all at once.


News alerts

James often creates new Potions to keep him informed about specific topics, such as new game launches. For example, whenever James’s favorite game blog publishes an article with “New Game” in the title, a Potion automatically sends James a text alert and adds the article to his reading list on Pocket.



James likes to customize Potions to respond automatically to certain messages on social media. This allows him to stay continually engaged with audiences online, 24/7/365. For example, when someone on Twitter tweets @James and includes the hashtag #FF (#FollowFriday), James’s Potion automatically tweets back “Thanks for the #FF recommendation!”



The Netvibes Dashboard enables James to waste less time on the internet by staying focused on exactly what matters to him. James’s Dashboard monitors a wide variety of sources, capturing everything important around gaming, while custom filters and Potions alert James to key events as they happen. As a result of using Netvibes, James is able to write more timely, interesting content for his blog, increase his engagement on social gaming channels, and attract more readership for his website.