Social+Enterprise Dashboard Intelligence
Data-driven insights that propel your business forward.

  • News + Social Media + Enterprise Data Monitoring:
    Track your brand and competitor mentions, plus sales, inventory and other internal data — all in one place.
  • Intuitive Analytics and Powerful Visualizations:
    Simply drag-and-drop datasets to create instant comparison charts. Calculate ROI on anything.
  • Custom Enterprise Portal and Reporting Platform:
    Netvibes integrates with existing infrastructure (cloud or on-premise) to unite all your company information in one dashboard, with automated reporting.

Only Netvibes empowers you to understand
how your online reputation impacts your business metrics.

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Finally, armed with ‘just the right information’ on demand, users can act in real-time anywhere, at any time, on any device... Dashboards can help automate and replace traditional reports. CIMdata Commentary, Netvibes: Bringing Social Intelligence to the Enterprise - Full report

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Listen. Learn. Act.

Focus on the Conversations That Matter, Using Your Own Personal Corpus.

Only Netvibes allows you to select your own sources for noise-free results you can rely on. Drill down precisely, using more than 24 unique filtering conditions in our powerful Universal Search. Search once and monitor forever: results update continuously on your dashboard.

Ask Questions of All Your Data.
Find Immediate Answers with MisoData™.

  • How is my brand perceived online?
  • Do Twitter retweets correlate with our website traffic?
  • How much did our latest advertising campaign boost sales?

Only Netvibes offers simple drag-to-compare correlations for faster business insights.

Keep Your Team on Track.
Keep the Boss Updated.

Always be the first to know when something happens: Netvibes emails you with real-time, customized alerts.

Only Netvibes offers PushMail™ so you can deliver automatic email reports to anyone, on any schedule, using the data and graphs you choose.

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