Only from Netvibes:AutoSave

Store unlimited data and content on your Dashboard

Keep everything on your Dashboard--articles, data, charts, images--for later reading and analysis. Read back in time. Compare this week with last month or last year.

The history of your personal internet

Benefits of AutoSave

Unlimited memory

Capture your personal or business internet history and store it for as long as you want. Discover exactly what was said on social media about an event in the past. Compare today's data with last month or last year.

Immutable analytics

Content may disappear online, but Netvibes analytics will not. Even if an article, tweet or website is deleted. Netvibes stores the data so you can re-crunch your information in the future, just as it appeared today.

Elastic visualization

As you add or remove content, your charts will automatically update, instantly. Agilely crunch and compare data for immediate insights, powered by Netvibes's elastic and scalable storage.