Dashboard of Things

Only from Netvibes:Dashboard of Things

Automatically control your smart devices and apps

Create a Netvibes “Potion” to control interactions between devices, apps, content and data. Mix and match Triggers and Actions to put the internet of things to work for you. 

Automate your smart home. Get a text when it’s going to rain. Post on Facebook when your company is mentioned in the news. It’s up to you.

Make your internet and devices obey your every wish

Discover all the ingredients available.

Be a wizard of the Internet of Things

Custom actions and alerts, all automatically orchestrated by the dashboard. Get a push notification when your best friend or favorite blog posts something new. Program your home’s Nest Thermostat to automatically adjust for certain times of day. Get a text message when there’s a new article about your favorite brand or topic. Be instantly alerted across your devices when your website goes down. The possibilities are endless.

Powerful programming for everyone

Anyone can design a Potion in seconds using our easy wizard with drag-and-drop ingredients. The Potion tells the dashboard: when this Trigger happens, then do these Actions; otherwise, do something else. Hackers and experts can switch to advanced mode to write their own Potions from scratch using Netvibes Programming Language.

Mix the ingredients of your Potion

Customize a Potion from the Netvibes community, or design your own Potion from scratch by selecting the Trigger(s) that activate the Potion, and the Action(s) you want the dashboard to perform. Supported ingredients include: Weather, Email, Facebook, RSS feeds, Tracked Topics, Nest Protect, and many more apps and devices, continually being added.

Example Potions you can create

Stock Monitoring

When your stock exceeds a set price, send yourself an email and tweet the stock price.

Health Tracking

Health Tracking

When you weigh yourself on your Internet-connected smart scale, congratulate yourself on Twitter if your weigh is within your target range. Otherwise, email yourself to keep trying.

Reading list building

Reading list building

When articles or tweets mention your company, add them to your reading list on Pocket.

Weather Forecasting

When it's going to rain, text yourself to bring an umbrella.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

When your best friend posts something on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, email it to yourself.

Plant Care

When your Parrot Flower Power detects low moisture in the soil, send a Pushbullet notification to "Water the Plants" and email yourself a reminder.

Automate your business with Netvibes Premium

With the analytical capabilities of Premium Dashboards, you can design Potions triggered by data insights and trends. For example: When web traffic to my blog exceeds 1M, then send me a text. When APPL’s stock price declines for 5 days in a row AND Apple social mentions are increasing, send me an email.