Only from Netvibes: MisoData

Experiment and learn from all your data, in the context of the social web

Analyze everything--your business metrics, social data, news and more. With Netvibes’ MisoData you can connect any dataset to your Dashboard, including external files and cloud-based data such as web traffic. Compare everything in one Dashboard.

Understand how news and social media impact your business metrics

Ask deeper questions

Did our latest advertising campaign boost sales? Do Twitter retweets impact my website traffic? With all your data together, you can instantly find out on the Dashboard.

Visualize and compare data

Identify trends and visualize ROI using Netvibes’ customizable charts. Drag-and-drop graphs together to instantly compare datasets and find correlations.

Analyze anything

Upload your own files (.csv or .xls) to analyze your business metrics within the context of the social web. Connect any live, cloud-based data (such as web traffic or cloud spreadsheets), and the Netvibes Dashboard will continually update with the latest data for constant analysis.