TeamWatch – only from Netvibes
Easily share articles, reading lists and insights with your team

Share Knowledge

Instantly send a critical article, post or tweet to the entire team.
Create reading lists of important articles to keep everyone on top of industry trends.

Save Time

No more copy/pasting URLs into emails. Netvibes TeamWatch is the easiest way to share important articles with anyone, directly from your browser.

Analyze Information

Easily generate reports of perform analytics on your shared TeamWatch content.

How TeamWatch works

  1. Users tag articles directly from their Internet browser, with just a single click.
  2. Tagged articles are automatically organized into TeamWatch reports, which can be customized and delivered to anyone you choose, on any schedule, using your tagging criteria.
  3. Your boss/colleagues/clients receive the TeamWatch email containing articles and insights selected by you and your team.

Netvibes TeamWatch is available for Premium dashboard users only.

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